Simulation Technology

Humanize Your Simulations with Emotive Synthetic Speech

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Simulation Technology

Virtual training worlds seek to imitate real-life scenarios, yet unnatural avatars distract users and minimize impact. Euphony’s emotive synthetic voices eliminate these problems. Our voices express emotion and vary based on context. Enhance the user experience with lifelike speech.

Build Innovative Communication Experiences

By manipulating the emotion and cadence of a synthetic voice, you can produce natural sounding text-to-speech. From happy to sad, angry to serious, emotive synthetic voices convey meaning and intent. Lifelike voice is key to creating realistic scenarios.

Produce Seamless and Cost-Effective Voice

Stop spending time and money on voice actors and audio banks. With Euphony, you can produce seamless, widely applicable, and cost-effective voices with emotional range. Our technology lets you adapt as quickly as the world around you.

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