General Questions

How are Euphony’s voices different?

  • Our voices are configurable and thus capable of expressing different emotions for different contexts (e.g., “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, etc). This helps tremendously when it comes to communicating meaning and intent.

How do we incorporate Euphony’s voices into our applications?

    We have two options:
  • 1. Your team can use the Euphony API which makes it incredibly easy for your developers to integrate first-rate quality synthetic voices into your applications.
  • 2. Or we can work with you to integrate them into your native application and tailor them to best-suite your custom use case.

Where can I listen to extended voice samples?

  • We can certainly provide them, especially if you have a custom need in mind! Our demo page will allow you to try a number of voices, up to a character limit of 400 characters.

What are some examples of different voice applications Euphony can provide?

    We’re hearing about new use cases for emotive synthetic voices all the time! Here are a few more common use cases:
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) applications
  • Simulation (e.g., realistic air traffic control and pilot voices for flight simulators)
  • Virtual and augmented reality applications
  • Gaming (both console and PC)
  • Narrated training programs that you can adapt as needs change. If some steps in your training program change there’s no need to have a voice talent record the new material.

Pricing Questions

How do I estimate a word count for the number of characters I’m purchasing?

  • We use Wolfram Alpha’s character count estimate. As a rule of thumb, divide the number of characters by 5 to get the estimated word count.

What’s an example of  “1 million characters” ?

  • The complete Project Gutenberg edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has 336,572 characters. This includes copyright and usage information but not spaces.

There are free voice-to-speech options available, so what makes using Euphony’s emotive and character voices such a great deal?

  • Combination of different emotions
  • The voices live on the cloud and are constantly being improved upon (unlike a product update)
  • They are flexible enough to build voices for almost any use


How does the license work for voice audio I’ve created with Euphony?

  • Using our voices for commercial use requires a special license. If you’d like to use our voices for commercial use please contact us.

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