A Platform for Generating Authentic
Text-to-Speech Voices

Enhance your Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Applications

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Seamlessly integrate our voices into your AAC applications

Emotive Voices

Whether it's happy, sad, angry, or even a whisper, our platform generates first-rate quality voices that convey meaning and intent.

Save Time & Money

No need to worry about voice actors and audio banks. Create world-class synthetic voices dynamically.


We'll make your AAC applications stand out with authentic and natural sounding voices.

Scenario Suitability

Manipulate the emotion and cadence of our voices for any AAC use case.

Custom Voices

We can build YOUR voice and give it any emotions you need.

Available on the fly

You can integrate directly into your AAC applications or call voices from our Web API.

Brand New

Our voices are all brand new and we're creating more all the time.

Flexible Voices

Our voices can be modified in tone and pitch to suit your user base's communication needs.


Synthetic voices in today’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) applications are robotic and unnatural. The following demonstrates how Euphony’s emotionally charged text-to-speech voices will impact meaning and intent in your AAC applications.

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